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What a Banker!

We all know that banks in the Australian marketplace generally are not popular with the public, so much so, that in the 2017 budget, the Federal Treasurer made the decision to slug them with a new $6.2b tax, knowing that the electorate would generally be pretty OK with a little bank bashing. As a business [...]

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18 Reasons Why Western Sydney is a Better Place to Work Than Sydney CBD

Today I spent the day with the energetic and talented people of the people2people Parramatta office, which services all our clients in Western Sydney. The team is very passionate about their patch, so I thought I would ask them why it’s better to be working in Parramatta and not in Sydney’s CBD. Here are their [...]

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Why Does the Recruitment Agency Take my Photo?

Yesterday, I took a call from a disgruntled candidate who had been interviewed by one our experienced consultants in the people2people Sydney office. This is not common and I was surprised to get the call but also very keen to hear the feedback.As it happens, the candidate, an experienced legal secretary and executive assistant was [...]

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10 Things to Do on a Short Business Flight

So you’re on a short flight for business. You have about an hour or so and it’s an early morning flight because you are only away for the day. Your boss doesn’t like paying for a hotel! So what can you do to make this time as productive as possible? Well here are ten things [...]

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Why Melbourne?

I visit the people2people team regularly in our Melbourne office and each and every time I turn up, the team try to convince me to move to one of the planet’s ‘most liveable cities’. So why exactly would you want to consider a move to the capital of Victoria? Here are 20 reasons why; Melbourne [...]

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Old dog, new tricks! Is age a barrier to career success?

This year the semi finals of the Australian open have seen three veterans of the tennis world beat their younger rivals and be in contention for winning a grand slam, one of the worlds grandest sporting titles. Age it appears is not always the barrier to success that many of us believe it is and [...]

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